Why Gijón

Why Gijón?

BIENVENIDOS A GIJÓN (Welcome to Gijón) is born with the idea of ​​offering a Spanish language study program in a very organized, safe and cosy city with a strong sports offer.

The New York Times, renowned US paper, knows that it is difficult not to fall for the charm of Asturias’ landscapes. Here, mountains reach down to the sea and you can enjoy places of great beauty. Then, this newspaper has recommended visiting Asturias in 2020. This region is an unspoiled secret worth the visit, also recommended both by The Guardian and National Geographic.

It offers many more options that a larger city might have. Gijón is well worth a visit

Geographical situation

Asturias is located between the Cantabric Sea and the Picos de Europa mountains. That means that there is a short distance to cover between two very different landscapes. You can totally change your views in less than a couple of hours.


Gijón is a city where everything is within walking distance. There are bikes available to rent or you may borrow one from your host family. Also, it has an excellent transport network. It’s very popular between all citizens and their local buses run safely on time.


In Gijón there are no rough areas. Life here is very peaceful and quiet, there are no political issues. Asturias offers a very good standard of living. Also, all visitors agree on that feeling after leaving us.

Passionate people

Asturian people are well known for their hospitality. Additionally, the food is varied and rich (meat, fish, seafood, vegetables…). Their local drink is apple cider and the way they serve and consume it, is particularly social. All in all, visiting this land is just the perfect choice!

Sports offer

Gijón has been labelled as a Sportive City. It offers many different options, from seaside sports like surfing, sailing, swimming, to all sports that you could think of at the REAL GRUPO DE CULTURA COVADONGA. The Grupo Covadonga Club is one of the most important sports club in Spain.

In winter you have snow and in summer, you have the beaches and the mountains. Therefore, it covers most of the sports that you could think of. Furthermore, if you’re into football, you could join the Mareo campus. Here it’s where Sporting de Gijón, our local team, trains. It’s one of the oldest football teams in Spain. The campus lasts for a week and accommodation can be on-campus or off-campus (with a host family). It’s suitable for either boys or girls aged 6 to 17 years old.


Gijón is surrounded by many leafy areas, It is proud of its surroundings and, specially, its pets. If you’re an animal friendly type of person, you need to know that Gijón has more than 40 dog friendly areas where dogs can run and play unleashed 24 hours a day.

 During winter, pets are allowed to play on the beach and it makes a very nice picture. GIJÓN WE CAN.

Host families

We have established a long time relationship with all our host families. They all have been carefully selected and they will try to make your stay as comfortable and unforgettable as they can. They will take you to visit new places in Asturias and beyond, they will accompany you to the Grupo Covadonga Sports Club, and you’ll make friends and go out with your host brother or sister. All our families live in the city center or by very pretty leafy areas. They have been working as host families for years and they know how to guide and help you.

Culture and traditions

Gijón offers a diverse cultural agenda all year around. Summer it’s filled with romerías (local fairs), musical events (Metrópoli), and thriller books Fair (Semana Negra) and neighborhood celebrations… As well as in Gijón, there are festivities and fairs all over Asturias.